Church Registers

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Before the introduction of the Civil Status Registers in 1876 the clergy registered baptisms, marriages, and funerals in so-called parish or church registers. In some cases the church registers date back to the middle of the 16th century. They cover the parishes and not the political communities or towns.

The search has to begin in the database (Online-Archivdatenbank). The data record contains additional informations. At the end of the description you will find a link to the digitized volume.

Please be aware that due to the data protection law entries from 1913 onwards are not available online, a corresponding note will be displayed.

Make use of the explorer tree on the left side and search for Kirchenbücher.
Click on the plus on the left side of the terms. The first level means the Staatsarchiv Schaffhausen. The second level is the name of the collection (Kirchenbücher), the third level is the collection itself (Kirchenbücher 1). The forth level shows the community and the last level - if it has one - the single church register. If you click on the entry in the explorer tree you can see detailed informations on the right part of the window.

Explorer in the database
Explorer in the database (opens an enlarged picture)